About Us



Media Bug, LLP is a boutique media management, marketing and communications company with registered office in Mumbai, India. We provide expert services in events management, corporate branding services, brand activation, product launches, branding and merchandising.

Media Bug Communications LLP is a boutique marketing and communications agency. We work with you to help you achieve positive outcomes through tailor-made solutions that align with your marketing and branding needs.

“Brand” is the key element that helps identify your product and services in the vast marketplace. Creating brand visibility and sharing knowledge with target customers is a crucial part of any brand-building activity and to help you stand out-of-crowd. And this can be successfully achieved by effective brand engagement and communication.

At Media Bug, we understand the crux of branding and help you reach your milestones using our expertise in marketing and communications arena.

We study your brand and combine our experience with yours to strategize the communication mix to effectively deliver the message to the target audience,creating an effective brand image, thus building your brand equity.

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